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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

本隐私政策适用于本网站(“本网站”), 是由奈特健康控股公司拥有和经营的吗, LLC, 及/或其附属公司及相关公司(“ScionHealth”), “us” or “we”), and forms part of the Terms and Conditions of Use that govern your use of the Site.


By using our Site, 您确认您已阅读本隐私政策, and agree to be bound by it. 如果您不同意本隐私政策中的任何条款, your remedy is not to use the Site.


  • notice/awareness
  • choice/consent
  • access/participation
  • integrity/security

Privacy Policy last updated:
 December 23, 2021

  1. 我们收集的信息和我们如何收集 

    我们可能会以不同的方式向您收集不同种类的信息. 本隐私政策向您说明我们的信息收集, use, 和披露惯例,并适用于通过您使用本网站和通过本网站进行电子通信收集的信息. 我们通过以下方式在本网站收集信息:

    1. Voluntarily Provided. In the course of visiting and using the Site, you may provide personal information. In the course of doing so, 你可能会被要求提供有关你自己的信息, including your name, email address, mailing address, date of birth, 或其他个人身份信息(“个人信息”). 您也可以在提交查询时提供自愿信息, asking us to provide information to you, or applying for a job. 您可以选择是否披露个人信息, 但您可能无法在不披露信息的情况下使用本网站. We may collect information you send us, use pseudonymous identifiers, aggregate it, and/or de-personalize it.
    2. Technologically Gathered. 我们可能会在您浏览本网站时自动收集一些信息. 我们可能会将您的使用信息与其他人的使用信息相结合,以生成关于访问者群体的汇总信息. In particular, we employ Google Analytics and Facebook Pixels to collect user demographics, 这能帮助我们了解用户的年龄, genders, and preferences. 我们也可能收集和存储您的IP地址, your operating system version, your browser version, the pages you visit within the Site, 您在网站页面上花费的时间长度, the site from which you linked to ours, search terms you used in search engines which resulted in you linking to the Site, etc. 我们可能会查看这些信息,并将其用于查看和创建报告,以帮助我们分析用户的偏好和模式.

      We, as well as third parties such as Facebook, may use cookies, web beacons, 和其他存储技术,以识别您,或从您使用本网站和互联网其他地方收集或接收信息. 我们或Facebook等第三方可能会将通过存储技术收集的信息与您的信息进行汇总, 所收集的信息可用于加快您使用本网站的速度, to provide measurement services, 或者基于合法利益提供定向广告.

      1. "COOKIES" are small pieces of information that are stored by a user's internet browser on a user's computer's hard drive. 大多数互联网浏览器最初都设置为接受cookie. You can set your browser to refuse cookies, 但您可能无法访问或使用本网站的部分内容.
      2. "WEB BEACONS" are small bits of code embedded in web pages or emails that assist in delivering cookies. Web beacons help us determine whether a page on this Site has been viewed and, if so, how many times. Although you cannot decline to receive web beacons when visiting a web page, you can choose not to receive web beacons by email if you disable HTML images or refuse HTML email messages, 但您可能无法体验本网站或服务的所有部分.
      3. "LOG FILES": The Site server automatically recognizes the Internet URL from which you access this Site. We may also log your Internet protocol ("IP") address for system administration and troubleshooting purposes. IP地址表示您的计算机在互联网上的位置.)
      4. FACEBOOK PIXELS AND GOOGLE ANALYTICS. We employ Google Analytics and Facebook Pixels to collect user demographics and online behaviors, 这有助于我们了解我们的用户和他们的偏好. 下面将讨论我们对谷歌分析的使用. 我们还与我们的社交媒体分享您使用本网站的信息, advertising, and analytics partners.
  2. How We Use the Information

    Generally, we use information collected through the Site to enhance and personalize the Site, to communicate with you via email, to improve, administer, customize, and/or maintain the Site, 了解用户的偏好和模式, 履行我们的义务,行使我们的权利. 这些信息的披露是基于合法利益. 我们可能会使用您的非个性化信息为我们自己和他人进行市场调查和分析,或以无法识别您个人身份的方式披露有关人口统计信息或使用我们网站的信息. 我们也可能使用您的个人信息向您发送有关我们或我们关联公司服务的服务信息. We will only email or text you with marketing information where you have consented to receive it. 我们不会使用个人信息来做出自动决策.

  3. Disclosure to Third Parties

    我们可能会在有限的时间内披露您的个人信息, 主要是为了执行法定权利或获得您的授权.

    1. General Disclosures. We may disclose your Personal Information in response to a subpoena or other court order, if otherwise required by law, 或者是为了配合执法部门. 当我们认为有必要或需要披露您的个人信息时(a)执行我们的权利或针对法律索赔进行辩护, (b) to investigate, prevent, 或者对非法活动采取行动, suspected fraud, 人身安全受到人身威胁的情况, 侵犯知识产权或侵犯隐私权的指控和/或(c)法律另有规定的情况. We may disclose your Personal Information in the event of a sale of substantially all of the assets, the merger, dissolution, or reorganization, or in connection with the transfer of a discrete portfolio of assets or information of ScionHealth. If that happens, 新公司的隐私政策可能会指导进一步的保护, use, 以及披露您的个人信息.
    2. Sharing Information. 除非本隐私政策另有规定, we do not currently share, sell, or rent your Personal Information with non-affiliated third parties so that they may offer, market, 并直接向你宣传产品和服务. If you would like more information regarding your online choices, you can visit or
    3. Opt-out / California Residents. California Civil Code Section 1798.83允许加州居民的网站用户要求我们向第三方披露个人信息,以用于其直接营销目的. 除非本协议特别允许,否则ScionHealth不会出于直接营销目的与第三方共享个人信息. To opt out of having your personal information shared for direct marketing purposes, please send an email to, or write us at:

      Attn: Legal, California Privacy Request
      680 S. 4th Street
      Louisville, KY 40202-2412

    4. Outside the EEA. ScionHealth is based in the United States. 通过与ScionHealth共享您的个人信息, you are transmitting your Personal Information outside the European Economic Area and to the United States. If ScionHealth shares your information with other persons or entities as described above, such recipients are also located outside the European Economic Area and in the United States.
  4. Basis for Processing Information

    We process data with your consent or when we have a legitimate basis for doing so.

  5. Managing Your Information

    Your Rights, Generally. 您对您的个人信息享有某些权利. 我们努力为您提供访问我们所持有的您的个人信息的权限,只要这样做的负担或费用与您的隐私风险不不成比例,并且不会侵犯他人的权利. Specifically, you have the right to access a copy of the Personal Information we collect from you and to verify, update, or correct it (including to have obsolete information removed); rectify, modify, erase, and/or export your Personal Information; object to the processing of your Personal Information; request data portability; and the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority. 我们在您同意的基础上处理您的个人信息, 您有权随时通过十大正规网赌平台撤回您的同意. You may also request information about how we have processed your Personal Information that we have retained, how we have used it, 以及我们通过与我们联系而向他们披露的信息. The mechanisms below provide you with certain options about how to exercise control over your Personal Information:

    1. 访问、修改或删除您的个人信息. 您可以通过向我们发送书面请求,要求以电子格式免费获取您的个人信息副本. Upon your request, we will remove your Personal Information from our records related to this Site. If you wish to update/correct Personal Information or remove your Personal Information from our records, 请通过电子邮件将您的要求发送给我们 or via postal mail at:

      Attn: Compliance, Online Records Update
      680 S. 4th Street
      Louisville, KY 40202-2412

    2. Opting Out. If you are in the European Economic Area, we will only send you marketing emails if you have given us your explicit consent. You may choose to opt out of receiving marketing emails from us at any time by sending your request to us via email at 或通过邮政邮件在上面列出的地址, or by using the means (such as clicking “unsubscribe”) provided in our emails.
    3. Do Not Track. 有些浏览器有“不跟踪”功能, when enabled, 表示您不希望被跟踪的网站和在线服务. 我们不采取任何行动来响应网络浏览器信号和其他机制,这些机制使消费者能够对行为跟踪进行选择,因为对于如何响应它们仍然没有接受标准.
  6. Data Protection

    我们非常重视保护您的个人信息. While we endeavor to safeguard your Personal Information, we cannot guarantee absolute security. 您承认并同意,对于我们无法控制的原因或事件导致的任何安全漏洞,我们概不负责, such as acts of God, hacking, terrorism, power outages, 第三方安全产品和服务存在缺陷, your own acts or omissions, and other similar events. Please be aware that no security measures are perfect or impenetrable, so security is not guaranteed.

  7. Cookies

    使我们网站的访问具有吸引力,并能够使用某些功能来展示合适的产品或进行市场调查, we use cookies on various pages. 这有助于维护我们的合法利益,优化我们在权衡我们利益的背景下占主导地位的报价. cookie是自动存储在您设备上的小文本文件. Some of the cookies we use are deleted after the end of the browser session, i.e.,关闭浏览器后(会话cookie). Other cookies remain on your device and allow us to recognize your browser on your next visit (persistent cookies). The duration of the storage can be found in the overview in the cookie settings of your web browser. 您可以设置您的浏览器,以便您了解cookie的设置,并单独决定接受或在特定情况下或一般情况下拒绝接受cookie. 每个浏览器管理cookie设置的方式不同. 这在每个浏览器的帮助菜单中都有说明, 其中解释了如何更改cookie设置. 这些网页可在下列连结中找到:

    Internet Explorer:

  8. Web Analytics

    For website analysis, this website uses Google Analytics, 由Google LLC ( 这有助于维护我们的合法利益,优化我们报价的代表性,这在权衡我们的利益时占主导地位. Google Analytics uses methods that allow you to analyze the use of the website, such as cookies. 自动收集的有关您使用本网站的信息通常会传输并存储在位于美国的谷歌服务器上. 通过激活本网站的IP匿名化, IP地址在欧盟成员国或欧洲经济区协定的其他缔约国境内传输之前将被缩短. Only in exceptional cases will the full IP address be sent to a Google server in the United States and shortened there. Google Analytics(分析)框架内提供的匿名IP地址一般不会与Google提供的其他数据合并.

    Google LLC is headquartered in the US and is certified under the EU-US Privacy Shield. A current certificate can be viewed here. 根据美国和欧盟委员会之间的协议, the latter has established an appropriate level of data protection for companies certified under the Privacy Shield.

    您可以通过下载并安装以下链接下提供的浏览器插件来阻止Google收集cookie生成的与您使用本网站相关的数据(包括您的IP地址),以及阻止Google对这些数据的处理: As an alternative to the browser plug-in, you can click on this link to prevent the collection by Google Analytics on this website in the future. An opt-out cookie is stored on your device. 如果您删除了您的cookies,您必须再次点击链接.

  9. Data Retention


  10. Children

    本网站不供18岁以下儿童使用,我们不会故意在本网站收集18岁以下儿童的信息. If we discover that any information is collected from a child under the age of 18, 这些信息将立即从我们的网站上删除. 如果您担心您的孩子使用本网站, you may use web-filtering technology to supervise or limit access to the Site.

  11. European Union

    就《可靠的网赌平台》而言, 通过本网站收集的信息, we are generally the data controller and you may contact us at the contact information set forth below. We use, process, 或在合法的合同基础上分享您的个人信息, consent, legal obligation, and/or our legitimate interests. 我们可能会使用第三方数据处理者的服务,根据所确定的目的处理个人数据. We are based in the United States. Therefore, when we collect your Personal Information, it may be transferred to the United States and we process it in the United States.

  12. Modifications to Privacy Policy

    我们可自行决定不时修改本隐私政策. If we make a material change to this Privacy Policy, we will post such changes on our Site. 我们也可能通过电子邮件通知您有关更改. By continuing to use our Site after such notice, you are bound by this Privacy Policy as modified.

  13. Contact Information

    如果您对本隐私政策有任何疑问,您可以通过以下方式与我们联系:, via postal mail at ScionHealth at 680 S. 4th St.,路易斯维尔,肯塔基州40202-2412,或免费电话(800)545-0749. 我们将尽合理的努力,及时回应您对我们使用您的个人信息可能提出的合理请求或问题.